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Labský důlTal Labský důlŁabski Dół (Labský důl)

Valley Labský důl

Wild rocky glacial valley among mountains Medvědín, Krkonoš, Vysoké Kolo, Pevnost and Pančavská meadow. Its length is 8 km and the river Labe run through. In the end of 19th century the count Harrach built there the way from Špindlerův Mlýn to chalet Labská bouda. The valley was proclaimed as state natural reservation with the small alpine meadows, spruce woods and a very varied flora. A part of this reservation are the Labská chine and Labská holes. The rests of glacial moraine walls, especially above the estuary of Medvědí brook.

Sight of valley
Sight from waterfall of Pančava
Meanders of river Labe

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